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How to create great headlines for your articles

Creating SEO friendly article headlines is what will drive your success online more than any other SEO technique. Fresh and unique content plays a huge part in your quality score, but no matter how good the content of the article it will be the title that will shape the weight it is given. Article titles can act like magnets for traffic, then you can use the content to make that traffic stick.


The list rules

Using numbers in your online article headlines to define a list is a hugely popular, and successful technique. People like easily digestible information and that is what a list promises. Search engines love list headlines because it is easily quantifiable. If you are stuck for an article title, use a list format. It will also easily shape your content.


Identify the intent of the article

Great headlines tell you the intent of the article right away; are you going to learn how to do something, read a list of top items, or read a review and so on. If it is an opinion article, or a general topic article, make sure the headline reflects that. You won’t be cutting down on your potential traffic, you will be increasing the amount of your purposeful traffic that will come to your article with the matching intent. How-to articles are always a big draw, but your article better be about how to do something or you will eventually lose standing.


Don’t use what doesn’t belong

When you are thinking of SEO friendly article headlines remember that the keywords have to pertain to the content of your article. Don’t use unrelated keywords that may be for your site, topic or just trending in the moment. The search engines can detect whether or not your keywords are related to your article, if they aren’t your quality score will go down. Keep it simple, and relate to keyword to the article, the article content to the page, the page to the site and so on.


Follow the rule of 8

Another trick to writing SEO friendly article headlines it to follow the rule of 8. The rule of 8 is a guideline for the length of your article title. Keep it below 8 words and work on the sub-headings to fill out the additional keywords and topics. Those sub-headings can be made very friendly to search engines, and they can also power your reader through the article too. Which is why writing the article headline first is essential.


Write the headline first

The main reason for writing your article headline first is that it will help to keep the main content of the article on track. To make it SEO friendly is also to make it friendly to the writer and reader. A clear headline tells you the how, what and why of the article – the body then follows the lead. By defining the article headline first, you can also more closely match the content to it so it gets a higher quality score in SEO analysis.

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