What I learned at the Chiropractor

Ive been looking into visiting a chiropractor recently and I have learned quite a bit. I ended up visiting a local doctor in Memphis, Back and Neck Specialists. I wanted to share this article about common ailments chiropractors treat.

Chiropractors are medical specialists who treat individuals suffering from different disorders like spinal problems, nerves issues, muscles and limb disorders etc. This is commonly known as the neuromusculoskeletal system’. They can have a variety of different specializations. They diagnose and treat these conditions that cause discomfort.

The following are some conditions a chiropractor can treat

Back pain

It’s a common condition that affects many people. Medical statistics state that 8 out of 10 people experienced back pain at some time in their lives. A chiropractor will do a holistic approach to treatment of back pains. There are different causes of back pain like an accident or sport injury, sprained ligaments, inflamed joints etc. The pain can interfere with your normal daily activities. It can get serious if it remains untreated. The specialist will diagnose and treat the symptoms of the underlying back pain. In addition he will be able to identify if it’s a chronic or acute back pain. For acute back pain, he might recommend non drug therapy while for chronic back pain; an effective back treatment will be done to ease the pain.

Stress and anxiety

Stress comes from emotions, our bodies or the environment we are in. It brings tension which results in increase of heart rate and blood pressure. Eventually the body muscles tighten. In the long- run one is likely to suffer from tissue damage, high blood pressure, or diabetes. A chiropractor will help you in managing the stress in an easier way. He will recommend relation exercises like deep breathing as well as other regular exercises to de-stress your body and mind. In addition he can recommend environmental changes that will help you cope with stress. Further, he can give nutritional supplements like vitamin B complex to help you cope with stress.


It’s a syndrome where patients experience widespread pain throughout their musculoskeletal system. They also experience fatigue, irritable bowel, disturbed sleep and some psychological problems. A chiropractor will perform a soft tissue technique called ischemic compression to help eliminate the problem. He will also do a spinal adjustment .Recent research has shown that patients who were treated through this method, registered significant improvement. They had reduced pain, less fatigue and better sleep.

Herniated disc condition

It commonly occurs on the lower back or neck. Some people do not even suffer from any painful symptoms. A herniated disc causes pain when the annulus presses a nerve root. This pain radiates to other parts of the body. Chiropractic treatment is recommended to patients. The treatment may include a combination of exercise and medication. Further, a chiropractor can manipulate the spine on the bulging disc to ease the pain. This makes a big difference in your health.

Myofascial pain

This is a condition where one feels pain and pressure on sensitive muscle joints. It’s a chronic pain disorder that occurs when the muscles are used repeatedly. Fascia is fibrous tissue that supports muscles. A chiropractor will perform therapy to relieve muscle tension. He can also recommend massage and muscle exercise. This will help in adjusting muscle fascia to full extension. Eventually, the patient is relieved from pain due to proper blood circulation to the muscles.

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